‘Every Girl Residing in Lekki Is Being Sponsored by a Married Man’ – Podcaster Claims

'Every Girl Residing in Lekki Is Being Sponsored by a Married Man' - Podcaster Claims

A pulse podcaster in a recent interview, has revealed a surprising detail about girls living in Lekki. He expressed that every single girl living in Lekki is being sponsored by a married man.

However, the other personalities who were present with him during the podcast countered his claim as they all revealed that it was not true.

He went on to reveal that about 85% of them were being supported by a married man. His colleagues pleaded with him to provide the statistics to back up his facts. However, he revealed that he was giving his statement based on the nightclub life and his personal observations on their lifestyle.

He further went on to state that the single girls getting sponsored by married men does not have to be primarily sexual, that it could just be men helping them out for certain things. However, one of his colleagues also countered his statement as they expressed that if all single ladies living in Lekki were being supported by married men, then that means all married men living in Lekki or a large number of married men living in Lekki were cheating on their wives.

Now recall that a few weeks back, reality TV star Doyin had revealed while she would never date a man who was not living on the island with her. She disclosed that the only reason she would date a man living on the mainland is if the man was willing to relocate to the island to be with her. She revealed that she would not be able to commute from mainland to island because of her work which is all on the island.

She further stated that if a man wanted to actively pursue somebody who would stay on the mainland with him, then he should look for mainland girls rather than going for island girls.

Also recall that Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe in their Bad and Boujee podcast had also spoken about dating people who live on the mainland.

While Moer Abebe was totally against the idea, Tolani Baj revealed that she would not mind dating a man who stays on the mainland as long as he was willing to commute to the island on a frequent basis.


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