Daniel Regha Takes On Wizkid’s Shifting Alliances: From Burna Boy’s Grammy to Davido’s Grammy Nomination

Daniel Regha Takes On Wizkid's Shifting Alliances: From Burna Boy's Grammy to Davido's Grammy Nomination

Recently, Daniel Regha took a subtle jab at Wizkid, suggesting that the Afrobeat sensation might be strategically aligning himself with fellow heavyweights Burna Boy and Davido for motives that raise eyebrows.

Highlighting the swift transitions in Wizkid’s associations, Regha remarks, “He was close to Burna after his Grammy win, now he’s cozying up to Davido after his Grammy nomination.” This observation draws attention to Wizkid’s seemingly rapid shifts between two influential figures in the Afrobeat scene.

“Burna & Wizkid were online besties after their Grammy wins; All of a sudden, Wizkid is close pals with Davido after the Grammy nominations. Coincidence maybe, but it raises a lot of questions,” he adds, hinting at a potential strategic motive behind Wizkid’s evolving alliances.

Regha’s skepticism doesn’t end there. Casting doubt on the authenticity of Wizkid and Davido’s newfound camaraderie, he suggests that their recent closeness might be a well-orchestrated public relations move. “The Wizkid × Davido new-found friendship & support is looking like a PR move for their upcoming joint tour; It will be good if both artists have ended their beef, but honestly speaking, their over-the-top bromance doesn’t seem genuine,” Regha opines.


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