Davido Ecstatic as Rihanna Names ‘Unavailable’ Her Favorite Song of the Year’

Davido Ecstatic as Rihanna Names 'Unavailable' Her Favorite Song of the Year

In a recent revelation, Rihanna spilled the beans on her favorite track of the year, and it turns out to be none other than Davido’s hit, “Unavailable.”

The songstress shared this during an interview where she was quizzed about her preferred album of the year. While admitting she’s not an album expert, she confidently declared that “Unavailable” is her current go-to jam from Davido.

Adding a dash of entertainment, Rihanna was caught grooving to the beats of “Unavailable” at a recent event. The dance moves were part of the trend curated by Davido for the song.

Davido himself also reposted the video. The recent confirmation of “Unavailable” being Rihanna’s favorite prompted Davido to take to Twitter, sharing the video with a heartwarming caption, fondly calling her “My Riri”.

Recall that a few months ago, Davido had found himself in the spotlight as he snagged three Grammy nominations. This feat followed his ambitious venture of applying in four different Grammy categories.

The recent rendezvous between Davido and Wizkid is the talk of the town. Putting an end to the longstanding fan wars, the two superstars were spotted together, enjoying vibes, dancing, and sharing some intense whispers. Davido, always supportive, took to Twitter to encourage and give a nod to Wizkid’s latest release. However, this move wasn’t without its share of drama, as some fans immediately criticized Davido for his supportive stance.

In response, Davido expressed his desire for peace at the age of 31, spoke out about his wish to steer clear of fan wars.


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