Daniel Regha Criticizes Ilebaye, Accusing BBN of Creating Role Models with low Moral Values

Daniel Regha Criticizes Ilebaye, Accusing BBN of Creating Role Models with low Moral Values

Daniel Regha, a controversial personality on Twitter, has once again expressed his opinions, this time directing his criticism towards Ilebaye.

In the last 24 hours, Ilebaye has faced intense scrutiny for her choice of attire at Davido’s Martell party, sparking a range of mixed reactions.

Among the critics, Daniel Regha stands out, unapologetically sharing his belief that Ilebaye should have opted to stay home if she couldn’t find a more decent outfit for the Martell party. Using sharp language, he described her dress as “absolutely disgusting.”

However, Daniel Regha didn’t limit his critique to Ilebaye alone. He extended his criticism to the entire Big Brother Niger franchise, asserting that it promotes and produces role models with questionable moral values. He then shifted the blame, suggesting that it’s not solely Ilebaye’s fault, highlighting that Nigerians were the ones who initially championed her.

We reported some few minutes ago that Ilebaye responded to the criticism by breaking her silence. She took to Twitter to share a picture of herself in the same outfit, appearing poised and confident. Her caption simply read, “the baddie herself.” This action, however, prompted a mix of reactions from people, with some suggesting that true confidence doesn’t require constant announcements and that her choice of attire was seen as tacky rather than bold.

Additionally, some speculated that her outfit might have been an attempt to seduce Davido, who is famously known as Chioma’s husband.

Daniel Regha also voiced his disapproval of Nigerians who have been attacking the new Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking time while standing. Previously held by Hilda Baci, the record was recently broken by an Irishman, and Nigerians have been trolling him, suggesting that he should have waited for at least a year before challenging her position. Daniel slammed Nigerians stating that they are projecting a negative image of Nigeria by trolling others and called for an end to such behavior.


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