“You have the audacity to sue her” Iyabo Ojo daughter blasts Naira Marley for demanding public apology from her mother

“You have the audacity to sue her” Iyabo Ojo daughter blasts Naira Marley for demanding public apology from her mother

Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of actress, Iyabo Ojo has taken to her defense against the singer, Naira Marley.

We reported earlier in the day that Azeez Adeshina Fashola professionally known as Naira Marley had dragged Iyabo to court, demanding a public apology from the controversial actress or risk facing legal proceedings which could amount to N500 million as damages.

In his lawsuit, Naira accused the mother of two of defaming him, alleging that the actress published false and malicious content about him on her Instagram page.

Reacting to it via her Instagram story, Priscilla noted how Naira was yet to resolve issues of Mohbad’s catalog and unpaid royalties, yet was filing a lawsuit against her mother.

Blasting him for his audacity, she pointed out is hypocrisy of suing her mother, when there are codes of him bullying Mohbad before his untimely demise.

She went on to slam Nigerians for calling her mother a clout chaser because of her fight for Mohbad and how they are reading meaning to her content on the Real Housewives of Lagos reality show.

“Who do you want to sue? You have not finished the case you have in court about the boy’s catalog and his unpaid royalties, you are talking of suing when there is legit evidence of you and your gang bul*ying the young man before he d!ed. The woman you all are dragging now came online to fight and was still at the police station back to back. Till now she is still paying for DJ Splash’s hospital bills and treatment. She fought for this young man who was bullied but because one protein shake charcoal bodybuilder came to change the narrative and asked a grieving mother of 24 years for a DNA test, you all fell for it. He might not be alive to fight for himself but I know that his spirit cannot be asleep”.

Priscilla Ojo blasts Naira Marley

Recall that Iyabo, who has been one of the celebrities fighting for the late singer, Mohbad had two weeks back withdrawn her love and support for Naira Marley and had alleged that the embattled singer had laced her children’s foods with drugs, whenever they visited him.

She claimed that the singer used to give her two children, Priscilla and Festus, drugs when they went visiting and stressed that she had witnesses to back up her claims.

This came after socialite, Very Dark Man confronted her over her past relationship with the disgraced singer and released video evidence to prove that Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley used to be very close in the past.

According to VeryDarkMan, Iyabo, and Naira Marley were so close that he sent her flowers. In the video, VDM claimed that Iyabo had initially thought the flowers were meant for her daughter, which meant that there had been something going on between the two (naira Marley and Iyabo Ojo’s daughter) and she (Iyabo Ojo).

Replying to him, Iyabo Ojo dug out his past as she noted how the greatest weapon used to fight a woman is slut shaming and it is already far time worn.

To add to it, Ojo had recounted how the deceased’s former boss, Naira Marley rejected one of her adopted sons when she took him to get signed under his label.

The movie star, made this known in an Instagram live session, where she demanded Naira Marley and others be held accountable for their actions against the late singer.

According to her, Naira Marley had rejected signing her adopted son on the basis that he was selective of the songs he does on his label.


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