“You have no business being good in bed if you’re unmarried” Solomon Buchi

“You have no business being good in bed if you’re unmarried” Solomon Buchi

In a recent development, Relationship Coach Solomon Buchi has taken to the X-Platform to express his views on sex.

He revealed that if you are not a married person, then you have no reason to be good in bed. He further stated that there is forever in marriage for a person to learn how to be good in bed and also get better.

In his words, he had this to say,

you have no business being good in bed as an unmarried person. There is forever in marriage to learn and get better.”

The Life Coach is famous for his takes on sexual immorality as he continues to encourage his fans and followers and netizens in general to practice abstinence until marriage.

Now recall that some days ago, Solomon had spoken on the cons of always playing victim. He revealed that that playing victim can be very limiting and that people who play victim will only be able to get sympathy and attention. He also stated that the day a person decides to stop playing the victim, they will be able to have and lead better lives.

He hammered on the fact victimhood will only get you pity and at the end of the day, that will be the only thing that you will be able to attain.

Also recall that about a day ago, the self proclaimed life coach had revealed that Nigeria will never be one and will always be divided. He also gave his reasons for his statement.

He expressed that the reason why Nigeria will always be divided was because the Igbos are not allowed to rule and that they are never given a chance to take a leadership position in Nigeria.


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