“You can’t be poor as a married man” Pastor Emmanuel Olumide

“You can’t be poor as a married man” Pastor Emmanuel Olumide

In a recent development, a pastor known as Olumide Emmanuel  has shared some interestinginsights about marriage in the popular podcast “The Honest Bunch”.

He revealed why men should not be poor when they get married.

In a video snippet  shared by the host on social media, netizens saw the pastor stating that while a single man can be allowed to be poor, they should not attempt to be poor as married men because of the cost of living.

He also further revealed that even though most people say love is blind, when they get married, their eye opens because at some point the love will fade away and they will remain with their miserable living condition.

Also recall that just recently Kemi Filani had also reported that a pastor known as Chibuize had prayed against the dollar rising.

He revealed that the dollar rate was going to crash and that the Naira would gain some momentum and be able to fight back against the dollar. Some netizens have speculated on the absurdity of this as they revealed that it was not a spiritual problem.

Also recall that just two days ago Kemi Filani had reported that a pastor and prophet known as Pastor Gideon had made a prophecy about Asake.

He revealed that God was going to arrest singer Asake before the end of 2024. He also revealed that this prophecy had come to him following Asake’s recent video which saw him mocking the Christian religion.


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