“Who is Bobrisky’s political godfather?” Solomon Buchi questions the government

“Who is Bobrisky’s political godfather?” Solomon Buchi questions the government

In a recent development, controversial media personality has pulled a questions at the Nigerian government.

He took to the X paltform earlier today to pointedly ask who Bobrisky political father was. He also questioned where Bobsrisky got the audacity he constantly displayed on socal media.

“Bobrisky must have friends in high places in Nigeria. Probably in the police, judiciary and random politicians, because his confidence to say and do certain things publicly shows that he’s got political assurance.

Who is Bobrisky’s political godfather in Nigeria?

Why is the Nigerian government a puppet to Bobrisky?

If Bobrisky were a poor man, shim would have been prosecuted a long time ago. Who’s covering Bobrisky?”

Now also recall that two days ago, he had advised couples to check their phones. He further stated that as a married man, he grants his wife access to his location all the time and she also grants him location to her phone all the time.

He revealed that when people are married, they are supposed to be open about everything hammering on the fact that the more open you are as a married man or as a married woman, the less likely you will fall into temptation.

He also revealed that when you are open, it breeds accountability and that feeling becomes inevitable when you have a private life in marriage.


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