“We almost lost you but mercy said no” Patience Ozokwo celebrates her first daughter

“We almost lost you but mercy said no” Patience Ozokwo celebrates her first daughter

Veteran Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwo popularly known as Mama G had penned a lovely note on social media to celebrate her first daughter’s birthday today the 17th of December.

Patience Ozokwo shared a video on her Instagram page that captured beautiful memories with her daughter. She recalled how she almost lost her daughter when she was 9 years old but she was revived by God’s mercy.

The Nollywood actress narrated how she spent 3 months in the hospital while praying for a miracle. Patience Ozokwo celebrated her daughter with prayers and heartful blessings.

“Happy birthday to you, my precious daughter. This day always comes with beautiful memories of God’s blessings to us as a family. We almost lost you when you were 9, but mercy said no. I remember spending 3 months with you in the hospital and praying hard for a miracle that God graciously granted.I celebrate the greatness you are. Of course, a Lioness has to birth a Lioness.You bring me so much joy, my darling daughter, and I can confidently say that I have a best friend in YOUYou will always have my blessings, my girl. The womb that birthed you rejoices at your greatestness. We celebrate you today and always”

We recalls that Patience Ozokwo penned a heartfelt note to her children when she celebrated her Lifetime Achievement Award.

The veteran received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the AMVCA.

In a lengthy Instagram post

, Patience Ozokwo noted how there was no social media and present-day luxury when she began her acting career.

Patience Ozokwo stated that progress was completely dependent on one’s talent, humility, word of mouth, and trust.

Expressing gratitude to her colleagues, she appreciated them for working tirelessly and often without recognition.

She also appreciated her family for surrounding her with love and acceptance.

Patience Ozokwo recounted how her children sacrificed a lot and stayed without a mother while she was filming.


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