Video Assistant Referee (VAR) poised for introduction in NPFL matches

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) poised for introduction in NPFL matches.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has begun the process of introducing the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) into the Nigeria Football League.

Gusau revealed this while speaking during the maiden retreat of the management and staff of NPFL in Abuja.

He noted that the NFF will start the process of introducing VAR into Nigerian football by sending some referees to countries that have already put VAR into practice to study its application and usage.

“I can assure you that VAR will be effectively put into use in our domestic football before the end of my first tenure as president of the Nigeria Football Federation in 2026. It will be gradual, but we will surely get there,” Gusau stated.

VAR is a system that helps referees to decide better about players’ fouls, if a goal was valid, red card decisions, in football matches.


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