“There’s a big nyash pandemic in Lagos” – Tacha

“There’s a big nyash pandemic in Lagos” - Tacha

Radio TV star Tacha recently took to her Twitter to express the current pandemic that was prevalent in Lagos State.

She revealed that there is a current big nyash trend in Lagos State, alluding to the fact that a majority of women in Lagos have big derrieres. This could also be due to the rising trend of BBLs and liposuction in Lagos State especially. I also recall that some hours ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Tacha had revealed how she had rejected 20 million Naira from a particular person at an event two years ago.

She disclosed this information while drumming up support for Phyna following the backlash that Phyna had received for saying that she had rejected 5 million Naira.

Tacha expressed that she had completely believed Phyna because she had had similar things happen to her and that she had had to reject a whopping 20 million Naira.

Phyna also went on to reveal during their intimate interview how surprised she was that a lot of people did not believe her story of rejecting 5 million. She stated that in her dollar account alone, she had 5,000 dollars which was resting and sitting pretty.

Phyna further disclosed that even if she was a nobody, she still would not have accepted the funds that was offered to her because she was just not that type of person.


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