The Internet’s Frenzy: Jada P Reacts to Viral Cropped Photo Featuring Her and Wizkid

The Internet's Frenzy: Jada P Reacts to Viral Cropped Photo Featuring Her and Wizkid

In the latest social media stir, Wizkid’s baby mama, Jada, has addressed the viral news surrounding Wizkid cropping her out of a picture that she initially shared on her Instagram story. The controversy began when Jada posted a photo featuring herself and Wizkid, only for the renowned artist to repost the image on his Instagram story with an apparent crop, focusing solely on himself. Netizens quickly took notice, sparking various speculations about the dynamics of their relationship.

Some fans suggested that Wizkid might have cropped the image to emphasize a tattoo bearing his late mother’s name, Mariah. However, others speculated that underlying issues in their relationship could be the cause of this cropping incident. Opinions and expressions varied widely among internet users, creating a buzz throughout the day.

In response to the speculations and assumptions circulating online, Jada took to Twitter to share her perspective. In a bold tweet, she expressed, “The internet is mad,” hinting at the fact that people were making inaccurate assumptions about her relationship with Wizkid. Her succinct statement aimed to address the plethora of theories circulating in the wake of the cropped image.

This isn’t the first time Jada has taken to social media to share aspects of her relationship with Wizkid. In November 2023, she tweeted about Nigeria, posting a romantic photo of herself and the Grammy-winning singer in what seemed to be a luxurious hotel. The caption revealed her newfound love for Nigeria, generating admiration from netizens who appreciated the glimpse into her private connection with Wizkid.

The incident with the cropped image adds another layer to the public’s curiosity about the dynamics between Wizkid and Jada. As the social media saga continues, fans and followers await further insights into the lives of this high-profile couple. The mix of public scrutiny and personal revelations on social media reflects the complexities of maintaining a private life in the spotlight.


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