Terry G celebrates his 100th day of no smoking

Terry G celebrates his 100th day of no smoking

Acclaimed singer and artist Gabriel Othe Amanyi whose stage name is Terry G recently celebrated a significant personal milestone—100 days of sobriety.

The artist shared a video expressing his joy and gratitude, revealing that it marked the 100th day since he had refrained from smoking anything. In the video, Terry G not only conveyed the achievement but also showcased a transformation in his appearance, radiating health and vitality. Fans flooded the comments section, praising his newfound well-being and healthy-looking skin.

This milestone comes months after Terry G, in November of 2023, took to social media to express disappointment with the All Progressives Congress (APC), a political party he had previously campaigned for during an election. Through his Instagram story, Terry G addressed those allegedly misappropriating the country’s funds, leaving a cryptic message stating that he had left them to God. He emphasized that divine judgment awaited those involved in corruption, emphasizing the need for accountability in Nigeria.

In addition to his personal achievements and political commentary, Terry G has remained active in the music scene. In May of 2023, he teased a new and highly anticipated project with street singer Portable. The collaboration, which stirred considerable excitement among fans, was hinted at through a video shared on Terry G’s Instagram page, where he and Portable were seen on the set of a music video. Although details about the collaboration were not fully disclosed, Terry G captioned the video with “loading,” fueling anticipation for the forthcoming musical venture.

Notably, Terry G’s association with Portable sparked conversations about the meeting of two figures in the street music scene. Fans speculated that Portable, known for his energetic street style, had found a mentor and collaborator in Terry G, who is equally renowned for his impactful contributions to the genre.

However, Terry G had previously issued a stern warning to those comparing him to Portable. In response to the comparisons, he cautioned his fans never to equate him with Portable, asserting his status as the “original” compared to Portable, whom he referred to as a “photocopy.” The statement reflected Terry G’s commitment to preserving his unique identity in the music industry.


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