“Stop seeking public sympathy and using emotional blackmail on me” Mohbad’s father slams his widow wife

“Stop seeking public sympathy and using emotional blackmail on me” Mohbad’s father slams his widow wife

Joseph Aloba, the father of late singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji better known by his stage name, Mohbad has hit back at his son’s widow wife, Omowunmi over her recent statement.

Wunmi, in an Instagram post, revealed information about his death, claiming that she had been prevented from speaking by bullies in the music industry over the singer’s death.

The mother of one expressed how helpless she is, as she further claimed that the bullies have been targeting her by releasing a voice note she recorded some years back.

Speaking on the calls for DNA on her son, which her father-in-law was clamoring for, she stated that it brought tears and pains as the late singer never for once questioned the paternity of their son during his lifetime.

Now speaking out, Joseph Aloba slammed her for using emotional blackmail on him as a father. He stated that it is shameful, disgraceful, and embarrassing for her to constantly seek public sympathy.

He questioned if she were to be in his shoes, she wouldn’t do the same as he probed her on the people who were trying to silence her. He noted how she had the opportunity to speak out at the Corona Inquest, but she kept silent.

Challenging her, he told her to tell the world what she knows about his death as he added that until she speaks up, no one is safe with her.

Read his statement below,

Mohbad's father challenges his wife to say the truth

Recall that following the singer’s death, many have been clamoring for a DNA test to be done on Liam, his son to ascertain his paternity.

Omawunmi, addressing these demands, had taken a firm stance. Given her current financial struggles and the responsibility of raising Liam alone, she insisted that those urging for a DNA test should be prepared to pay for it.

Even Mohbad’s father had called for DNA to be done on his son, a statement which Cynthia Morgan agreed with.

Cynthia Morgan disclosed that if Mohbad’s late wife really loved and respected him, she would have also respected Mohbad’s father’s wishes.

She also went on to state that Nigerians were bullying Mohbad’s father alluding to the situation that had occurred between her and Jude, who was her former manager.

After the news of Mohbad’s death, his father had pointed fingers at his wife, accusing her of being unfaithful to him and putting sleeping pills in his noodles.

His father stated that he doesn’t trust her, especially since all of the singer’s properties are in her mother’s name.

One of the late singer’s friends, Micee had also alleged that Omawunmi was a lesbian and was having an affair with the late singer’s female manager.

He even alleged that Mohbad knew of the affair as he had videos of them in the act, which his manager boldly sent to him.

Micee added that his wife and others are trying to hide stuff and out of fear, he refused to mention names.


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