“Stop having babies that you can’t raise” Filmmaker Biodun Stephen

“Stop having babies that you can’t raise” Filmmaker Biodun Stephen

Filmmaker Biodun Stephen has in a recent video cautioned young girls against giving birth to many children.

She expressed that most young girls who are unmarried should learn to close their legs properly. She also stated that women should stop bringing forth children that they could not raise as there was a pandemic children in the society who were not being catered for.

She issued a warning about this drawing parallels with the recent economy. Now recall that back on 9th February 2024, Biodun Stephen had sent a quick PSA to doctors in Nigeria.

She revealed that doctors in Nigeria should learn to be kinder to their patience as there was now a pandemic of doctors who were exhibiting impatience with their patients.

She preached on the importance of doctors being much warmer to their patients as she has been exposed to a level of coldness in most Nigerian hospitals. She further expressed that the way they feel about their patients is mutual, as most patients do not like coming to the hospital too.

Recall that back in October of 2023, Biodun Stephen had recounted how her mother was murdered by a drunk driver. The film director had taken to the X platform to reveal this unfortunate incident as she expressed how much had changed since her mother’s demise.


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