Singer Davido consoles emotional fan in his Uganda show

Singer Davido consoles emotional fan in his Uganda show

Davido’s show in Uganda is currently the talk of the town, and it all because of an emotional fan. In a video from the show, you could see an emotional female fan, crying and reaching out to Davido.

The singer didn’t ignore her, but gradually walked up to her and held her hand while performing. He didn’t hold her hand for long but it helped to calm her down a bit.

Ugandans must be huge fans of Davido because not too long ago, Kemi Filani reported that the singer brought a young fan on stage and had a cute dance off with her. No one will pass their child to a random singer, if they aren’t a huge fan of that person.

This whole situation in Uganda isn’t the first time Davido has shown love for his fan. A while ago, one of Davido’s fans a diamond necklace. He has repeatedly rewarded fans who have shown him love, and this has led to him having one of the biggest fan bases in Nigeria.

Davido’s fan base may not be the most peaceful, as they often drag other artist like Wizkid, but their unwavering support has helped Davido win several awards, including a nomination for a Grammy award, which he lost.

Apart from winning multiple awards, Davido has had one of the most successful performing careers of all time, with sold out shows back to back, both in Nigeria and abroad.

As for his personal life, Davido has managed to keep everything on a low recently, with only cute videos of himself and his wife Chioma surfacing online. He has managed to quell the era of multiple women claiming to be his baby mama. This baby mama issue brought in a lot of drama, but his silence helped to simmer down the drama. His only focus right now seems to be his wife and family.


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