Simi reveals her next line of action if she wasn’t Nigerian

Simi reveals the moment she knew her eyesight were bad

Afro-beat artist Simi has recently revealed her next line of action if she was not a  Nigerian.

Taking to the X-Platform, she revealed that if she was not from Nigeria, she would absolutely hate Nigerians.

This statement was made following the remarks of Nigerians on social media as they trolled South Africans in the just concluded football match.

Now recall that just a few days ago, Nigeria and South Africa had been in a football match and Nigeria had emerged victorious. However, this victory continued on social media as Nigerians called all South Africans for believing and thinking that they would win.

Recall that just yesterday, Kemi filani had reported that Simi had expressed the exact moment she knew her eyesight were bad.

During a particular question asked by a Twitter user on people realizing when their eyesight were now bad, she revealed that it was when she was about to get her driver’s license.

She revealed that one of the requirements was to read from a document. While reading the document, she could not pronounce and see some of the words clearly. She had been very disappointed in herself for that.

Recall that back in January, Simi and Adekunle, her husband, had celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. They had celebrated this with a cute music video for a song that they worked on together.


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