“Shine your eyes in lagos” Pretty Mike advices newbie lagosians

“Shine your eyes in lagos” Pretty Mike advices newbie lagosians

Controversial socialite Pretty Mike of Lagos has surprised a lot of netizens today when he took to social media today to reveal something that had shocked him.

He expressed that so many men in Lagos were grappling with an abnormal fantasy, which was sleeping with married women.

He also further stated that it would be hard to see them date a single lady, and that if a woman was not married with a ring, they will not date you. He also wanted to know why people were doing such.

He expressed that after questioning them, they revealed that it was a fantasy for them. He stated that there are so many men that would get aroused when they see a pregnant woman and that they can never date any woman that is not pregnant or not seen a baby.

He advised men and women in general who are in Lagos to shine their eyes because things were really really happening.



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