Renowned gospel artist Kennywhite4rew has just announced the highly anticipated release of his upcoming EP, titled “One With OLORUN.”


Kennywhite4rew, is set to captivate hearts and souls with the upcoming release of his powerful EP, “One With OLORUN,” scheduled for December 2023. This highly anticipated project promises to be a spiritual journey, featuring five soul-stirring tracks that blend gospel worship and inspirational melodies.The EP boasts collaborations with talented artists, including BBO, Femkeys and Elizavocat, adding a unique dynamic to Kennywhite4rew’s signature sound.

The featured tracks are as follows:

  1. Baba EMa Se feat BBO
  2. Eyin Leni Alagbara Feat Elizavocat
  3. Tun wase feat Femkeys
  4. Good and Kind
  5. God the Master Planner


Kennywhite4rew’s musical prowess and unwavering devotion to spreading the message of Christ shine through each composition. “One With OLORUN” is more than just an EP and it’s a transformative experience that aims to lead many souls to Christ through the universal language of music.

Minister Kehinde David, with his soulful vocals and profound lyrics, is ready to touch the hearts of listeners and guide them on a spiritual journey.

The EP promises an immersive worship experience, resonating with those seeking solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection with their faith. As we await the December release, Kennywhite4rew invites everyone to join in this musical celebration and experience the divine connection within “One With OLORUN.”

Get ready to be moved, uplifted, and inspired as Minister Kehinde David shares his spiritual journey through the power of gospel music.

About Kennywhite4rew

Minister Kehinde David, popularly known as Kennywhite4rew, is a renowned gospel artist with a passion for leading souls to Christ through uplifting and inspirational music. With a distinctive style and heartfelt lyrics, Kennywhite4rew’s music resonates with audiences worldwide, creating a profound impact on the spiritual landscape.-

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