Reason Why we should promote other genre of music besides Afrobeat – Danny Young

Why we should promote other genre of music besides Afrobeat – Danny Young

In a new interview, artist Danny Young has shared some insights on afrobeat music and old afrobeat artists.

Danny Young revealed during the interview that a lot of the reasons why most old afrobeat artists have are so quick to call out their younger colleagues was because they feel slighted.

He expressed that unlike in the abroad where even old artists are still acknowledged in musical channels and radio stations, in Nigeria old artists are hardly acknowledged. He further disclosed that this type of neglect can breed resentment among them which is why they are always so quick to call out other artists.

Now speaking on Afrobeats music as a whole, he revealed that Nigeria produces a lot more songs besides Afrobeats. He also stated that Nigeria produces Fuji but a lot of people do not even know because there is more spotlight on the Afrobeats scene.

He hammered on the importance of Nigerians promoting other types of songs so that Nigerians are not just classified for one thing because there is so much more in the musical scene.

Now recall that back in February of 2024, Danny Young had told the Nigerian government that the major problem of Nigeria was a lack of production and exportation. He stated that it was hard for people to invest in Nigeria because of insecurity. He further urged the government to open the borders so that food will enter. He however stated that food importation was not the problem but rather a major problem was lack of exportation and production.


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