“Queen’s fiancé has a girlfriend in the UK” Journalist Kemi Olunloyo reveals

“Queen’s fiancé has a girlfriend in the UK” Journalist Kemi Olunloyo reveals

In a recent development, controversial media personality Kemi Okunloyo has weighed in on the Queen Mercy Atang and Lord Lamba’s child custody battle.

Taking to Twitter, she revealed that the mother of Queen’s fiancé does not like her. She further revealed that the kissing video of Queen and the mother-in-law was completely fake. However, she disclosed a shocking statement that made netizens’ mouths drop.

She disclosed that David, Queen’s fiancé, has a girlfriend in the United Kingdom. She further stressed on how she would never let any of her sons go close to girls like Queen.

In her words, she says,

“Queen said Lord Lamba’s mother dislikes her. She has no idea that her fiancé’s mom does not like her either. Flashing kisses online are all fake. She has no idea that David already has a girlfriend in the same UK. She has since archived that future mother-in-law video.

These young ladies calling themselves baddies have no decorum wanting to be the next gangster bitch. That era is over. Stop jumping from one man to the next man. Thank God I don’t have daughters. I can’t deal with this nonsense and warn my sons about them.”

Now let’s recall that last week, social media had been ablaze after reality TV star Queen Mercy Atang had taken to social media to announce that she was now an engahed woman.

She had shared a beautiful picture of herself and her fiancé, while further stating that he had engaged her with an expensive diamond ring. Also, her fiancé David had shared an adorable video of Queen hugging his mother tightly.

Lord Lamba, her baby daddy, has since come out on social media to demand full custody of the daughter which he shares with Queen. He revealed that he does not want his daughter to be raised by another man. However, netizens have since slammed him for his insensitivity.


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