‘Performing in a Forest on Grass is Incredible Work’ – BBNaija’s Angel Applauds Bimbo Ademoye’s Acting Skills

'Performing in a Forest on Grass is Incredible Work' - BBNaija’s Angel Applauds Bimbo Ademoye's Acting Skills

Acting can require a lot of work sometimes, and BBNaija’s Angel seemed to recognize that fact in a recent post that she made. The reality television star posted a clip of actress Bimbo Ademoye lying down on grass in the set of the movie Anikulapo. In her caption, Angel wrote, “Getting down in a forest on grass is ins*ne work
but it gets like that sometimes I guess”

BBNaija’s Angel commends Bimbo Ademoye on her acting skills.

Angel and Bimbo Ademoye haven’t really crossed paths as far as public knowledge is concerned, but she still recognized her efforts as an actress. Being in the entertainment industry herself since she was a child, it is reasonable that Angel recognizes the work put into movies by actors.

Ever since she was a child, Angel has been into showbizz, making appearances in movies and commercials alike. As an adult, her fame stems from her participation in the BBNaija show. Ever since she went there a few years ago, Angel has been able to build a name for herself and a fan base too.

The real question lies as to whether Angel will return to showbizz fully as an actress, or she’ll simply remain on the influencer side of the entertainment industry, because she seems to be thriving there already.

Despite the fact that she gotten a lot of negative press in the past while in the BBNaija house and beyond the show, which was mostly focused on her appearance, Angel has remained resilient, and hasn’t folded into herself because of those comments.


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