Nollywood Actress Ashabi Simple Expresses Gratitude to Portable in Heartfelt Note

Nollywood Actress Ashabi Simple Expresses Gratitude to Portable in Heartfelt Note

Omobolanride Akinyanju, widely known as Ashabi Simple, a prominent figure in Nollywood and the mother of singer Portable’s child, recently penned a heartfelt note to her baby’s father. In the wake of her birthday celebrations, Ashabi expressed sincere appreciation for Portable’s consistent efforts to make her special.

Despite not being his favorite, Ashabi acknowledged the love and concern Portable consistently shows her. She recounted her surprise when he unexpectedly became the first to wish her a happy birthday and shower her with thoughtful gifts. Ashabi, overwhelmed by the unexpected gesture, expressed her gratitude and hoped for their love to endure eternally.

In her appreciative post, Ashabi acknowledged Portable’s rare kindness and expressed her profound happiness in being loved by him. She thanked him for his commitment, respect, and the unwavering support he has provided throughout their relationship. Ashabi also extended her thanks for his responsiveness and for making her feel cherished.

Closing her note with a prayer for enduring joy, Ashabi emphasized her appreciation for Portable’s loyalty, expressing confidence that their love would stand the test of time. She urged well-wishers to convey their thanks on her behalf and join her in prayers for Portable.

This heartwarming message follows a previous expression of gratitude from Ashabi towards Portable at the end of the previous year. She hailed him as her “small daddy” and credited him for being her rock, supporting her through challenges, and tolerating her. Despite the ups and downs, Ashabi acknowledged Portable’s unwavering commitment, even humorously mentioning the numerous times he had blocked her.

The couple’s journey has been marked by surprises, including Portable’s recent hint at marrying Ashabi. Sharing a glimpse of Ashabi dressed as an Edo bride on his Instagram page, Portable proudly declared her as Iyawo Ile (housewife) and his third wife, leaving fans excited about their evolving relationship.


Portable gift Ashabi laptop
Portable gift Ashabi laptop


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