Nigeria Youths staged protest against cross dresser Bobrisky in Benin, Edo State

Nigeria Youths staged protest against cross dresser Bobrisky in Benin, Edo State

Benin City, Edo, has been engulfed in a wave of protests led by local youths against the presence of Congressor Bobrisky. The uproar stems from a video in which Bobrisky made controversial remarks about the Oba of Benin, sparking widespread anger. In the video, Bobrisky, a transgender personality, commented on his appearance and made suggestive remarks about meeting the Oba of Benin, which were perceived as disrespectful and sexually inappropriate.

The response from the youths was immediate and intense. They demanded that Bobrisky leave their state and city, expressing a strong refusal to accept his presence in Edo. This incident occurred shortly after Bobrisky reportedly fled to Benin State. The backlash was so severe that Bobrisky felt compelled to issue an apology, stating that the comments were intended as a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

However, the situation escalated, and reports suggest that Bobrisky had to leave Benin quickly to ensure his safety following the protests. This event is not the first time Bobrisky has been involved in controversy. Recently, he weighed in on the BBL surgery complications faced by Jay Boogie. Jay Boogie had undergone a BBL surgery, leading to kidney complications and a potential need for a kidney transplant. Bobrisky contrasted his own surgical experiences, claiming he had undergone multiple BBL surgeries without such issues, attributing this to the use of luxury services and highly qualified professionals.

These series of events highlight the contentious and often polarizing nature of Bobrisky’s public persona. From making provocative comments to critiquing fellow celebrities, Bobrisky continues to be a figure that draws strong reactions from various segments of society, often resulting in significant public discourse and reactions.


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