“Nigeria is a dangerous place for Christians” Solomon Buchi reveals

“Nigeria is a dangerous place for Christians” Solomon Buchi reveals

In a thought-provoking Twitter thread, renowned media personality and writer, Solomon Buchi, didn’t mince words as he voiced his concerns about the state of Christianity in Nigeria.

He expressed that living as a Christian in Nigeria is similar to living dangerously. According to Solomon, those who disagree with this statement contribute to the danger.

The major point of Solomon’s argument centered on what he perceived as a selective outcry among Nigerian Muslims. He expressed their vocal response to the Palestinian genocide while remaining silent about the recent tragedy in Plateau, where over 100 christains lost their lives. Labeling this as hypocrisy, Solomon Buchi expressed that violence seems to be condemned only when Muslims are the victims.

Expressing his frustration, Solomon spoke on the alarming situation where over 100 christians lost their lives on Christmas Day. He exposed the lack of visible action or condemnation. He revealed that if 10 Muslims were killed by Christians on Eid-al-Fitr, it would likely have led to civil unrest and widespread national repercussions.

Recall that back in November, Solomon had posed a question to cheaters who were dating multiple partners. Confessing his own confusion, Solomon questioned how people manage to distribute their attention among various individuals at the same time.

Also recall that on a previous engagement in September, Solomon Buchi challenged a notion about marriage. Addressing the idea that men do women a favor by marrying them, he challenged the concept, stating that marriage does not serve as a cure for a woman’s life. Rejecting the idea that women rely on marriage for fulfillment, Solomon called for a shift in these misconceptions, advocating for an understanding that both men and women should seek marriage for mutual companionship.


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