[MUSIC] Moscolee ft Portable – Pio Pio (Remix)

[MUSIC] Moscolee ft Portable - Pio Pio (Remix)

Singer Portable, the Zazoo crooner, has teamed up with Moscolee, a talented vocalist signed to Hydeli Records Entertainment, to remix his popular hit song “Pio Pio.” The collaboration aims to elevate the original track to new heights, offering listeners a fresh perspective on the catchy tune.

To ensure the remix maintains the same level of quality and energy as the original, Portable enlisted the expertise of Shocker Beat, a highly skilled Nigerian music producer known for his ability to craft infectious beats and melodies.

With “Pio Pio (Remix),” Portable and Moscolee deliver a vibrant and dynamic rendition of the song, showcasing their unique vocal styles and lyrical prowess. The remix boasts a compelling rhythm and seamlessly blended vocals, making it a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and Nigerian music in general.

Released as a follow-up to the original “Pio Pio,” the remix is poised to captivate audiences and solidify Portable and Moscolee’s status as rising stars in the Nigerian music scene. Be sure to add “Pio Pio (Remix)” to your playlist and experience the infectious vibes for yourself.

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Moscolee ft Portable – Pio Pio


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