Media personality Mr Jollof reveals why women are the voice of God

Media personality Mr Jollof reveals why women are the voice of God

Media personality Mr. Jollof recently came on Instagram to disclose while Nigerian men should learn to listen to their wives.

He narrated an incident that happened to him earlier in the day, which convinced him that more men should learn to listen when their wives give them advice. He revealed that earlier in the morning, while stepping out, he had proceeded to pick his TV and place at the back of his car, intending to take it to his next location.

However, his wife had stepped in and advised him against putting the TV in the back seat of his car. He expressed that as stubborn as he was, he insisted on driving with his TV at the back seat of his car. And on getting to his location, he looked back and found that the screen had cracked. He also showcased the extent of the damage done to the TV. He lamented over how regretful he felt about not taking his wife’s advice.

He went on to dish out advice to men, telling them to take advice from their wives because most women have the voice of God in them. He also slammed men who do not listen to their wives, calling them fools.

Also recall that back in December of 2023, Mr Jollof had called out Duncan Mighty for owing him 3 million Naira. He spilled the beans on an unpleasant incident that happened which involved him paying Duncan Mighty a whopping 3 million Naira for him to grace an event in Uyo.

However, Duncan Mighty showed up extremely late for the event. Mr Jollof also revealed that despite Duncan Mighty’s delayed entrance, he refused to refund the 3 million Naira. Instead, he sent only 800,000 Naira.

He pleaded with Duncan Mighty to please return his money as he was currently shortchanged and dissatisfied.


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