Look at how you all repay me” Dancer Pocolee expresses his dismay after Israel’s separation from his wife

Look at how you all repay me," Dancer Pocolee expresses his dismay after Israel's separation from his wife

Poco Lee, known for his vibrant personality, brought a humorous angle to the Israel and Sheila marriage drama and situation. He commented on Israel’s Instagram post, which detailed the reasons behind the split. Poco Lee humorously lamented attending the wedding with such joy, only to see it end so soon.

This humor, however, was tinged with sadness, reflecting the shock many felt given the high-profile nature of the wedding, attended by prominent figures including Davido, who famously canceled a lucrative show to be there.

The marriage’s collapse, happening barely a year after the grand ceremony, began with Israel’s explosive social media post. In the early hours, he accused Sheila Courage and her mother of deceiving him into marriage. He expressed regret, stating that despite marrying her as a virgin, it was a mistake to think that alone would lead to a successful marriage. Israel detailed how Sheila Courage’s behavior changed post-marriage, setting high standards and moving away from her initially humble demeanor.

One point of contention was Israel’s close relationship with the music artist Davido. Sheila Courage allegedly criticized Israel for being too devoted to Davido, a relationship she found problematic, despite having benefited from it previously, as evidenced by Davido’s generous gift of 500,000 Naira to her.

Sheila, not one to remain silent, responded on Instagram. She chose not to delve into the granular details like Israel but countered his claims. She portrayed herself as the deceived party, unaware of what marriage to Israel entailed. Shayla accused Israel of sending men to intimidate her mother and claimed his insistence on marriage was driven by her father’s high rank in the church. She also described a lack of communication from their first meeting, where she took his contact but never intended to call.

Sheila’s account painted a grim picture of their marriage, describing physical and emotional abuse, being locked out of their home, suffering from mental health issues, and panic attacks. She refuted accusations of taking pills to avoid pregnancy and questioned the management of their wedding funds.



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