Lagos Statet Govt vows to clamp down on illegal real estate firms

Lagos Statet Govt vows to clamp down on illegal real estate firms

The Lagos State Government has vowed to clamp down on unregistered individuals and organisations engaging in real estate activities in the state.

Lagos State Commissioner for Housing Moruf Akinderu-Fatai disclosed this at a recent 2024 Ministerial Press Briefing.

Akinderu-Fatai warned that illegal real estate agents will face legal consequences for non-compliance with the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority registration requirements.

He said the warning became imperative to instill sanity and ensure fraud-free real estate business in the state.

He advised state residents to be mindful of real estate agents they do business with to avoid falling victim to fake and dubious estate agents.

“It is also essential to request that we spread the warning across every platform that it is an offence for an individual and organisation to engage in real estate business in Lagos State without being registered with LASRERA. Let us act responsibly and follow the path of the law.

“I want to seize this opportunity to raise awareness on the need for residents not to fall victim to fake and dubious Estate agents and to patronise the registered real estate individuals and organisations,” he declared.


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