Iyanya state reason why he decided to stick to one woman

Iyanya state reason why he decided to stick to one woman

Nigerian singer Iyanya, has recently opened up about his views on relationships and fidelity. In a candid interview with DoyinSola David, popularly known as Doyi in her popular segment “Doyin’s Corner,” Iyanya shared his personal stance on cheating and commitment in romantic relationships.’

During the interview, Doyin posed questions about cheating and the general behavior of men in relationships. Iyanya, known for his straightforwardness, made it clear that he is not a proponent of cheating. He emphasized his belief in staying faithful to one woman. Going deeper into his reasoning, Iyanya revealed that his preference for monogamy is partly due to the high costs associated with dating multiple women. He argued that being with many women can be financially draining, a viewpoint that aligns with his practical outlook on life and relationships.

Doyin, the host, interjected with a personal revelation, stating that not all women demand high maintenance. She shared that she herself is not an expensive person to date. Nonetheless, Iyanya held his ground, reiterating his belief that sticking to one woman is not only economically wiser but also morally better than engaging in infidelity.

The conversation then shifted to the singer’s personal life, particularly focusing on rumors and his quest for a life partner. Back in August 2023, Iyanya and another artist, Vee were the subjects of widespread dating rumors. These speculations gained momentum when Vee posted a series of intriguing photos on her Instagram. Among these, one image stood out. It featured a man’s arms adorned with distinctive tattoos, strikingly similar to those of Iyanya. This led fans and netizens to speculate that Iyanya could be the man in the photo. However, Iyanya addressed these rumors, stating unequivocally that there was no substantial evidence to support such claims.

In a further revelation about his personal life, Iyanya, in September of the same year, made a heartfelt appeal to Nigerians. He expressed his difficulty in finding a suitable life partner and his readiness to settle down. In a move that displayed his vulnerability, Iyanya reached out to the public, requesting assistance in finding a wife. His plea underscored his desire for a meaningful and committed relationship, moving away from the bachelor lifestyle often associated with celebrities.


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