“In the grand scheme of things, there’s only one winner” Ilebaye throws substantial shade at her fellow BBN colleagues

"In the grand scheme of things, there's only one winner" Ilebaye throws substantial shade at her fellow BBN colleagues

Reality TV, Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner IleBaye has recently made headlines, not shying away from addressing her trolls and haters. On social media, Baye emphatically reminded everyone that, despite the ongoing subtle jabs among former housemates and public scrutiny, she remains the one and only winner of the BBNaija All-Stars edition.

This bold declaration comes amidst a backdrop of veiled exchanges and rumors circulating among the ex-housemates. While it’s unclear who these indirect comments are targeting, Baye’s statement has been interpreted as a response to the general cohort of her season. Her message is straightforward.

Baye’s assertiveness doesn’t stop there. She also touched on how, while others were busy throwing insults her way, she focused on advancing her career and financial gains. This stance reflects her resilience in the face of criticism and her commitment to leveraging her win for success.

Recall that some weeks back, Kemi Filani had reported that she had followed a fashion choice she made at a recent event hosted by Davido for his Mattel brand. Her attire, described as skimpy and revealing, sparked a variety of reactions. Some speculated that her fashion choice was an attempt to gain Davido’s attention, although this remains conjecture.

Also recall that following her post-show journey, Baye has been repeatedly questioned about the authenticity of her win. Accusations of playing a ‘victim card’ to win public sympathy have been a recurring theme. However, Baye firmly rejects this narrative. She attributes her victory to timing and destiny, not to any strategic portrayal of herself as a victim.



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