“If you’re brave enough, come to Lagos” warns Portable in a challenge to Charles Okocha

"If you're brave enough, come to Lagos" warns Portable in a challenge to Charles Okocha

Controversial Nigerian artist Portable and actor Charles Okocha are at the center of a heated exchange with Portable threatening Okocha with physical violence.

The drama kicked off when Portable accused Charles Okocha of swindling him. According to Portable, Okocha pocketed a whopping 40 million Naira from some promoters for a show in Desmond, Abuja.

Portable claims he was invited to this show but ended up with a mere 5 million Naira from Okocha. Feeling shortchanged, Portable called Okocha out, labeling him a thief for not sharing the money fairly.

In response, Okocha had his side of the story. He claimed to be the mastermind behind the deal and simply invited Portable as a guest. Okocha explained that he even flew Portable from Lagos to Abuja for the event.

Regarding the payment, Okocha stated he had no formal agreement with Portable, so he paid him what he thought was reasonable – 5 million Naira.

However Portable didn’t agree to this feeling like he was being ripped off after being paid just 5 million naira. He fired back, challenging Okocha to a face-off in Lagos. His threat suggests that things could get physical if Okocha ever showed his face in Lagos.

This clash has set the internet on fire. Fans and followers are divided. Some think it’s all for show – a publicity stunt to grab attention for something they might be promoting. Others believe it’s genuine, given the controversial nature of both celebrities.


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