“If you want to get wealthy men go to house parties in Banana Island” – Toke Makinwa

“If you want to get wealthy men go to house parties in Banana Island” - Toke Makinwa

Media personality and actress, Toke Makinwa has given tips to ladies on how to get wealthy men this festive period.

The award-winning media personality, while speaking on her Podcast, Toke Moments, revealed that Banana Island and some areas in Lagos always host the biggest and most influential men.

Toke suggested to anyone interested in getting a “Big Fish” this celebration season to consider attending house parties in high-brow areas like Banana Island, Ikoyi, VI, and Lekki Phase 1, all of which are in Lagos.

She, however, made it known that any house parties aside from Lekki Phase 1 are off the list, as well as clubs, which nowadays house lots of fake big boys.

In her message to ladies, she added that they should have a budget and should be well-connected, as that is the only way they can get access to highbrow locations.

“You have to have the budget for enjoyment first because high-profile men don’t go to slums, some of them don’t like to go out. So you have to know people who know people. Go to house parties this Christmas ladies, forget the clubs it’s too hot and noisy. Go to house parties that’s where it’s going down. Places like Banana Island, and Ikoyi Southwest, you can manage VI, maybe like Lekki 1. Anything after Lekki 1 don’t bother”.

As expected, her statement stirred several reactions with some defending her, while others reprimanded her for using her platform for the wrong reason.

One Chyomss wrote, “Meeting a wealthy man is not a guarantee he will give you money o. Most times you won’t see Shishi. A generous kind man is the goal

One Veronica Daughter wrote, “Very correct! Pseudo-Oloshonism with a touch of Pride and a sprinkle of strategy. Neo-prostitution on point

One Stan Snow wrote, “At least she isn’t stingy with updates. It’s well

One Bam wrote, “You are misleading a whole generation of young Nigerian women

One Tee Dagash wrote, “Preaching prostitution with pride. How did we get here

One Kush Zero wrote, “Funny enough na village girls get the best and richest sugar daddies and they don’t even have to do much

One Josh Majek wrote, “When you could actually use the podcast to teach young girls how to make their own money and be self-sufficient. Anyway, you can’t give what you don’t have

One Jully MK wrote, “And don’t forget to attend Dunamis in Abuja cos na there Odogwus dey go. I don drop update for una”.

In a previous podcast episode, Toke, who is unashamedly outspoken, argued that sleeping with a broke man is amazing.

The presenter said 80% of Nigerian men do not know how to please women in bed when it comes to engaging in foreplay such as locking lips, playing with the ladies’ hairs, bosom cavities, and backsides among others.

According to her, wealthy men are the worst in bed because they just want to enter and come out, but broke guys are way better as they seek to satisfy one in bed.


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