“If You Have the Means to Leave Nigeria, I Encourage You to Do So” – Solomon Buchi

"If You Have the Means to Leave Nigeria, I Encourage You to Do So" - Solomon Buchi

Writer and social media commentator Solomon Buchi has taken to Twitter to address Nigerians living in Nigeria.

He revealed in his tweet that if as a Nigerian you have a means to leave the country, then you should by all means do just that.

He further stressed on the fact that as a Nigerian, don’t have to go to the UK, the US, or Canada, and that you can explore other African countries such as Ghana, Botswana, and Kenya.

He also shared his reason for his statement as he lamented on the fact that Nigeria has become an unlivable place to be in. He lamented over the fact that Nigeria is not a place where things that are set up would help anybody flourish.

In his words, he had this to say,

“if you can afford to leave Nigeria, please do. It doesn’t have to be the UK, US, or Canada. You can explore other African countries, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya. Nigeria is becoming an unlivable place. That is not a place where things are set up to help you flourish”.

Also recall that about a month ago, Solomon Buchi had remarked on unmarried people who are engaging in premarital sex. He revealed that if you are not married, then you have no reason to be good in bed.

He also stated that forever in marriage is there for a person to learn how to be good in bed and also get better.


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