“If you had taken four wives like me, you wouldn’t be bothered” Portable advises Israel

"If you had taken four wives like me, you wouldn't be bothered," Portable advises Israel

Portable had jumped in on the Israel DMW and his wife, Sheila Courage marriage controversy lending his voice with his option. He revealed that if Israel had gotten married to 4 wives just like he had, he would not be in his current predicament.

He expressed that Israel would have other options to fall back to if only he had gotten married to more wives. In a video which he shared on social media he went on to reveal that while he is a lover boy, but even then, he knows how important it is to have more than one wife.

He expressed that he makes sure he takes well care of all his wives without any problem and that I’m the occasion that one person decides to leave him, he would have another person to fall back to.

Recall that on early hours of Saturday morning, Israel DMW had taken to his Instagram page to spill details about his marriage to his estranged wife, Sheila Courage. He had revealed that even though a person gets married to a virgin, it did not guarantee that their marriage would be a good one.

Israel in previous months had been very vocal about getting married to a virgin. He had announced it to the whole world when he got married to her and had boasted at the fact that at 21 she was still a virgin. However, his marriage to Sheila which happened in October of 2022 seemed to have hit the rocks after she removed all traces of him from her Instagram page back in August 2023.

He had also tried to rekindle things back with her by calling her “my wife” a few weeks back on his Instagram sorry. However, his estranged wife, Sheila had in responded to him, telling him that it was in “his dreams”.

Since news of their marriage split, Sheila had also taken to her IG page to share details about her marriage split and what led to it. She revealed that she had endured physical and emotional abuse from Israel and had also been accused of intentionally trying not to get pregnant. She also spilled that he had resorted to trolling and insulting her mother any chance he gets and all of that had accumulated and made her want to leave.


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