“If everybody loves you, you’re fake” – Odumodu Bl^ck

“If everybody loves you, you’re fake” Odumodu Bl^ck

Nigerian artist Odumodu Black recently shared his opinion on people who are universally loved, suggesting that if everyone loves you, you might not be genuine.

In a very short Twitter post, he implied that a person who is universally adored may not be authentic, using the term “fake nigger” to drive home his point. His followers resonated with this sentiment, expressing that being real often involves stirring up some disagreement, and not everyone is expected to like you.

“You say you are real but everybody loves you. Fake nugget”

This tweet followed Odumodu Black’s recent interview with Zero Conditions, where he expressed his views on abortion. He revealed that the human body belongs to God and should be used to serve and worship Him. Going against this, he argued, should prompt individuals to seek quick forgiveness rather than assert rights.

In another revelation on the 8th of November, Odumodu Black shared in an interview that he shot a music video the day after his father’s death, acknowledging the relentless pace of life despite personal grief.

Adding a playful note to his public persona, Odumodu Black, in early December, took a light-hearted jab at Davido for referring to Dele Momodou as his “boy.” Using humor, the musician called Davido a “fool” for playfully addressing Dele Momodou as a subordinate.


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