“I narrowly escaped a fatal stabbing at a Lagos night club” Dammy Krane allerges, pointing fingers at Davido for attempted murder

"I narrowly escaped a fatal stabbing at a Lagos night club" Dammy Krane allerges, pointing fingers at Davido for attempted murder

In a shocking development in the Nigerian music industry, musician-artist Dammy Krane, has come forward with a harrowing account of a near-fatal incident at a Lagos nightclub. Dammy Krane alleges that he was almost stabbed to death during this incident, which he suggests might be connected to fellow musician Davido.

According to Dammy Krane, the attempt on his life involved a knife. He claims to have defended himself successfully and even managed to disarm the bouncer who was allegedly attacking him. In his statement, Dammy Krane directly addresses Davido, using a nickname indicative of a financial dispute between them OW-E-B-O-W-E. Dami Krane’s statement implies that he suspects Davido and the nightclub owner of orchestrating this attack, an allegation that adds a new dimension to their ongoing and complicated feud.

The backdrop of this alleged assassination attempt is a series of financial disagreements between Dami Krane and Davido. The conflict first surfaced when Dammy Krane accused Davido of owing him money. In response, Davido highlighted his support for Dammy Krane in the past, including providing him with accommodation when he needed it. However, Dammy Krane maintained that this support does not negate the financial debt owed to him. This disagreement has escalated over time, with Dammy Krane repeatedly calling out Davido on social media, accusing him of being a habitual debtor. The situation intensified as others also came forward with claims of being owed money by Davido, questioning how someone of his financial standing could default on payments.

Dammy Krane’s recent allegations add a more sinister layer to their dispute, suggesting a possible physical threat linked to Davido. While Davido has yet to respond to these latest allegations, it is noteworthy that he was recently in Atlanta for a concert, accompanied by his wife, Chioma.



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