“I loved you then, I love you even more now” Banky W expresses his admiration for Adesua as they celebrate their 6th anniversary

"I loved you then, I love you even more now" Banky W expresses his admiration for Adesua as they celebrate their 6th anniversary

Celebrity power couple Adesua Etomi and Banky W commemorated their sixth wedding anniversary in a heartfelt way. Banky W took to Instagram, tagging his wife in a post filled with love and beautiful memories. The post featured charming photos capturing their shared adventures and moments of joy.

In his emotive caption, Banky W paid tribute to the love and partnership he shares with Adesua. He described her as his muse, his solace, and his source of inspiration. His words, “I love you then, I love you more now, I will love you forever more,” encapsulated the depth and consistency of his feelings.

Banky W’s message not only celebrated their past but also expressed a desire to relive every moment with Adesua, affirming her as his ultimate choice. He also highlighted the spiritual aspect of their marriage, praying for continued guidance and strength with God at the center of their relationship.

This anniversary comes amidst a backdrop of challenges, notably a rumor sparked by celebrity blogger Jislova, alleging Banky W had an affair with singer Niola. Despite the sensational claims, Adesua and Banky W chose a dignified silence, responding indirectly through affectionate public appearances and social media posts, dismissing the allegations through their united front.

Adding to their rebuttal, Niola’s public appearances without signs of pregnancy and the couple’s positive interactions with her on social media further invalidated the rumors. This approach showcased their resilience and commitment to each other in the face of adversity.

Their journey since their glamorous and much-talked-about 2017 wedding has been a testament to their strength as a couple. Overcoming rumors and challenges, their sixth anniversary is not just a celebration of their time together but also their ability to navigate life’s storms.


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