“I hear say na HIV and AIDS kill your mama” Phyna continues to drag comedian Deeone

“I hear say na HIV and AIDS kill your mama” Phyna continues to drag comedian Deeone

Reality tv star phyna has continued to drag comedian Deeone following the comments he made against her.

This time around, she took to Twitter to call out his parents, even involving his late mother. She slammed him, revealing that the cause of his mother’s death had been HIV and AIDS. She also went on to insult his father, disclosing that his father was a rapist who sexually assaults small boys, including Deeone himself.

“Na today them dy cause person papa and mama as an Edo girl e nor dy enter

I hear say na hiv aids KI Dee one mama o B then the papa been dy r. De small small boys plus deeone himself, that’s why first he is looking like an empty gallon and a mouth like a vacuum cleaner wey he take dy sOk men waka about. so I hear say na so them catch am sef k Tam….”

Now see deeone don continue him parents sheful life chai I hope my papa pay you well sha 0o because if br ke and t ngry was a person eh na


She also reaffirms her initial statement that he is gay. Phyna went on lament over the fact that Deeone has continued to bring shame to his parents, especially as he was extremely broke.

Recall that her onslaughts at him is coming after Deeone accused her of lying. Phyna had revealed in a podcast that she had rejected 5 millions naira from a fan and Deeone had take to social media to reveal how he did not believe such a story. He even pleaded with her to release evidence to back up her claim.

Phyna, obviously offended, had slammed him yesterday, tagging him gay.


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