“I don’t have my sister, Temi’s genes” Dj Cuppy reveals

“I don’t have my sister, Temi’s genes” Dj Cuppy reveals

DJ Cuppy in a recent interview has expressed her views about not having her sisters genes. She also spoke out on being labelled the worst dressed person in Nigeria every year.

She revealed that in Nigeria, a lot of people believe that she does not dress well. She went on to reaffirm the fact that she does not care about looking good or looking elegant. She also further compared herself to her sister.

She expressed that unlike her sister, she does not care so much for looking elaborate while also stating that she does not have her sister’s genes. She revealed that she absolutely hated makeup and that she never ever fixes lashes while stating that sometimes her team have to force her to put on a glam makeup.

Now recall that a few days ago, Kemi filani had reported that DJ Cuppy had stated how she currently did not like anybody in terms of pursing a relationship.

She expressed that she might have healed too much because she had gotten to a point where she emotionally did not feel anything for anyone.

In the beginning of the year, DJ Cuppy had compared the gym to her relationship with her ex, which people speculate is Ryan. She expressed that she was going to give the gym as many chances as she had given her ex, Ryan Taylor.


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