“I don’t believe in s#x before marriage” – Reality TV Star, Ifuennada revbe

“I don’t believe in s#x before marriage” – Reality TV Star, Ifuennada reveals

In a recent update, reality TV star and media personality Ifuennada shared her perspective on sex before marriage through an Instagram post and video.

She boldly expressed her belief that sex before marriage is not acceptable, even though it might lead to heartbreak. Despite facing humiliation, mockery, and disrespect in a past relationship due to her stance on this issue, Ifuennada emphasized that she prioritizes her faith over romantic relationships.

In her post, she reflected on the loss of a significant relationship because of her commitment to her beliefs, emphasizing her resolve to live a life that pleases God. She cited Jeremiah 29:11 as a source of strength and encouragement.

Furthermore, Ifuennada cautioned against misinterpreting God’s word to align with personal preferences, stressing the importance of staying true to Christian principles. She underscored the need for Christians to resist glorifying sin, especially regarding sexual behavior.

Just days prior, Ifuennada had warned against Christians boasting about sexual prowess, asserting that such behavior could lead to spiritual consequences. Despite challenges, she expressed contentment and fulfillment in her relationship with Jesus, affirming her decision with no regrets.


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