“He is an Angel, I stand by him” Lizzy Anjorin declares full support for Verydarkman

“He is an Angel, I stand by him” Lizzy Anjorin declares full support for Verydarkman

In a recent development, actress Lizzie Anjorin has reacted to VeryDarkMan’s arrest. Taken to social media, she revealed that, regardless of what people said, she was going to stand by him through thick and thin. She also called him an Angel and that she was prepared to support him through it all.

She also further expressed that he was an angel and that people should not be quick to forget all of the other things that he has done and every other way that he has helped to fight societal ills.

He further expressed that his commentary, while he might have said some things that are far-fetched, did not warrant him getting arrested.

Now, also recall that just a few hours ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Xxcessive, who happens to be the partner of Nkechi Blessing, had also reacted on his arrest.

He had expressed that one of the major reasons why he had been arrested was because he had had issues with women and had also had issues with the government. He further stated that it was impossible to win a fight against women or against the government, hinting at the fact that Tonto Dike had played a pivotal role in his arrest.

Now, recall that two days ago, Kemi Filani had reported that VeryDarkMan had been arrested, allegedly by Tonto Dike, for defamation of character. He had accused her of being part of the GistLover blog formation, and in return, she had arrested him for his statements, which lacked evidence.

Also, Very Dark Man had further stated that the government were bankrolling Bobrisky and that a lot of top politicians in the government were also being sexually intimate with Bobrisky. People believe that all of these statements contributed to his arrest.


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