‘For This Heat?’ – Netizens Express Surprise Over Marie Wiseborn’s Outfit Choice for the Bliss Experience

'For This Heat?' - Netizens Express Surprise Over Marie Wiseborn's Outfit Choice for the Bliss Experience

In a recent development, Moses Bliss’s wife, Mary Wiseborn, has been facing a lot of commentaries over her recent outfits for the Bliss Experience concerts.

In a viral video which made its way on social media, she is seen wearing a tweed brown jacket. However, netizens pointed out how unflattering the outfit looks on her.

One Mary Joy Kennett had this to say,

“What in the name of tweed suits is going on here? “

Another netizen had this to say,

“ For this heat, Marie, nawao.”

Another netizen known as Deron Ricky had this to say,

“ This dress sense is not giving. There is a way you can slay in Christ without having to show any part of your body.”

One netizen known as Mirabel had this to say,

“Home training wants to finish our wife.”

A netizen known as Miss Lizzie had this to say,

“This her dressing is becoming something else. Deeper life is even better.”

Now, also recall that just two days ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Moses Bliss and his wife Mary had received a rousing welcome as they arrived at Akwa Ibom State for his concert, the Bliss experience. He had taken his newly wedded wife to his state, and the award-winning singer has shared a video of him and his wife where they received VIP treatment.

He further appreciated his people for the royal welcome as he gave a special thanks to his governor for his unwavering support and love. Now, recall that back in January, Moses Bliss had made headline news after he announced his engagement to Marie Wisebone. In March, the duo also tied the knot in a three-part wedding.

The gospel singer had also revealed that he had met his beautiful wife Mary Wisebone as he expressed that he had met her through Instagram but in a rather unique way. He disclosed that she had danced to his popular song and had tagged him to it. He had seen the video and had immediately sent her a DM to respond to the dance.


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