Fifteen (15) Ways To Satisfy Your Woman In Bed

Fifteen (15) Ways To Satisfy Your Woman In Bed

So, you’re wondering how to satisfy a woman in bed. First of all, good on you. In a world where too many men are too invested in their own pleasure to care about their partners’, you’re willing to put in the work and effort to ensure she discovers new levels of pleasure in her intimate moments with you. Clearly, your woman means the world to you and you want to show her that. What better way to make her feel special than by pampering her sexual desires?

There is a great joy in satisfying a woman sexually and it certainly bodes well for your relationships since great sexual chemistry can lead to greater intimacy and connection. Given that women typically take longer than men to feel sexually aroused, figuring out the nuances of female pleasure can surely seem challenging. But if you really make an effort to understand your partner’s sexual wavelength, this mystery isn’t hard to crack. Besides, once you light the fire of arousal, your woman will be ready to roar and her uninhibited side may take you by surprise. That’s definitely worth all the effort it takes.

If you want to make her want you more, there are tricks to heighten her sexual pleasures. Specific positions, erogenous zones, and techniques that can make her arch her back and curl her toes in the throes of pleasure. Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure out the nitty-gritty of female pleasure by yourself. We are here to help you figure out how to satisfy your girl in bed. Let’s take a look at which areas of her body you need to work, to make her achieve the big O every single time.

15 Ways To Satisfy A Woman Every Time You Have Sex

1. Begin with a kiss

2. Extended foreplay will do wonders when you pleasure your woman

3. Be a gentleman in bed

4. Dirty talk to spice up your sex life

5. How to pleasure a girl sexually? Whisper sweet nothings

6. Go down on her to pleasure your woman

7. Please your woman by teasing and licking her

8. Go for a quickie

9. Dress well and smell good to please your woman

10. Ask her what she likes

11. Try making out at different places

12. How can I pleasure a woman? Use sex toys to spice up things

13. Try using sensual food to satisfy a woman in bed

14. Love and romance win the day

15. Bring out the fantasies to pleasure your woman


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