Expressing deep regret, a Twitter user laments “Becoming a mother is my greatest remorse

Expressing deep regret, a Twitter user laments, "Becoming a mother is my greatest remorse.

In a bold confession on Twitter, a user named Khn^yi stirred up a storm of opinions with her statement about hating motherhood.

She expressed her deep regret over becoming a mother, saying she could never be convinced that it’s worthwhile. This confession drew mixed reactions online, touching on the different views on motherhood.

The conversation took another turn when another Twitter user asked her if she considered adoption. She clarified that while she doesn’t hate her kids, she despises the role of being a mom, but wouldn’t think of giving her children up.

“ being a mother. It’s one of my biggest regrets and nobody can convince me that it’s worth it. Ever.”

another Twitter user had responded to her saying

“Yho That time that kid is permanent. Have you thought of giving them up for adoption maybe?”

She had responded by saying,

“Lmao no. I don’t ha eem. I hate being a mother”

Twitter users Onyiaprudence and QueenJayhee expressed their dismay over her statement. She remarked on the choice of being a mother and worried about the impact on Kh^nyi’s children when they grew up and saw what their mother tweeted.

Queenjayhee also, spoke on the joy in motherhood, as she couldn’t grasp Kh^nyi’s feelings, which was hating motherhood.

In contrast, other users Nenyenwa and Icequeen showed understanding. They empathized with Kh^nyi, confirming the tough nature of motherhood. They urged people not to judge Kh^nyi unless they’ve walked in her shoes, acknowledging the challenges, especially with active children.

Vinawills, another user, echoed her sentiment, stressing that it’s possible to love one’s kids but struggle with the role of a parent.


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