“Every year I came close” Uriel shares her journey into participating in the BBNaija show

“Every year I came close” Uriel shares her journey into participating in the BBNaija show

In a sit-down interview with Denrele Esin, BBNaija’s Uriel bared out her heart to him on her journey into participating in the BBNaija show. According to her, she had applied several times, even before the show had a Nigerian version, which means that she applied for the Big Brother Africa version.

Uriel stated that she was told that she was too British to represent Nigeria in the BBNaija Africa show, hence her rejection. Upon being successful in 2017 for the BBNaija show, she was told by the organizers that they admired her tenacity for constantly applying, even though she got rejected several times. She seemed aghast that the organizers had known she had tried her luck several times, and they didn’t give her a chance until 2017.

Although Uriel didn’t win the BBNaija 2017 season, her participation in the show helped to give her a platform of her own, and she gained a lot of recognition on the way.

One of the reasons why Uriel was popular during her season was her diary sessions, and people loved the fact that she was very chatty, while relaying events of the day.

Uriel made a comeback to the show in 2023, in the BBNaija All Stars season, which was a bit of a shock because she was in the show seven years ago, so her comeback was not anticipated.

During her three-week-long stay in the BBNaija house, Uriel kept her fans entertained with her fleeting attention on fellow housemates like Pere, Neo and Groovy. There was so much confusion as to who she was interested in because she seemed cozy with all three of them.

Pere and Uriel: In a jarring statement after she left the house, Uriel revealed that Pere had a huge male member, which left fans in shock because this is not a statement you hear everyday. She had claimed that she saw it when they were all in the shower. Why do you think Uriel was staring ‘down there’ at Pere in the first place?

Neo and Uriel: In an earlier statement, Uriel revealed that Neo was her ideal type, but even though she was older than him by years. Their sensual dance during a party in the BBNaija house sparked rumors of them being together, but it didn’t blossom beyond that.

Groovy and Uriel: This ‘relationship’ went beyond the BBNaija house, with a sprinkle of public appearances together, but Uriel poured cold water on their shippers, when she claimed that the relationship was a stunt.

In conclusion, Uriel may not have won in the latest BBNaija show or her previous one, but she made a lot memories, and gathered a lot of interesting highlights.


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