“Every woman you marry will leave you unless you cease bowing to Davido” warns an influencer to Israel

"Every woman you marry will leave you unless you cease bowing to Davido" warns an influencer to Israel

An influencer known as Dan Festus has slammed Israel DMW over his latest marriage controversy. Recall that Kemi Filani had posted just yesterday that Israel DMW had taken to his Instagram to write a very long and detailed caption on what led to the end of his marriage.

One of the major things he cited as the reason why his wife decided to leave him is because of his relationship with Aforbeats singer, Davido. She had told him that he was following Davido around and could not stand on his own. She had revealed that some of the things that he where he followed Davido around made her feel embarrassed.

This influencer known as Dan Festus has slammed Israel stating that his wife’s reasons are very valid. He went on to explain that no sane woman would want to be married to somebody who was in another man shadows all the time.

He also told Israel that even if he went on to marry his second wife that the second wife would still dump him because of the way that he was acting. Dan Festus advised Israel to stop worshiping Davido and avoid doing certain things that he does like prostrating before him or kneeling down in front of him all the time. He revealed that it can be a turn off for women.

Now recall that just this morning, We had reported that a close friend of Israel and aide to Davido had slammed Sheila courage, Israel’s wife. He had stated that she had managed to deceive everybody with her virginity and that the only thing that she had been able to use to get married to Israel is the fact that she was a virgin. He also went on to express that he had warned Israel about getting married to her but Israel had been insistent about getting married to her.

Now also recall that yesterday, Sheila Courage had taken to her Instagram to also reveal and spill details about what led to her marriage separation. She revealed that he had been emotionally and physically abusive towards her and would not take her along in any decision that he would make. She had also revealed that he had also been very insultive towards her family, especially her mother any chance that he gets.


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