Chike buys new G wagon worth 250 million naira

Chike buys new G wagon worth 250 million naira

Afrobeat sensation Chike is ushering in the Christmas season with style, treating himself to a lavish gift—a stunning white G-Wagon. The singer delighted fans by sharing a video on social media, capturing the moment as he approached, entered, and showcased the interior of his extravagant new car. Valued at approximately 250 million Naira, this luxurious ride adds another feather to Chike’s already illustrious cap.

Just a week ago, Chike collaborated with Mubad on a new single titled “Egu,” which quickly became a viral sensation on social media. The song’s popularity is heightened by the recent and mysterious death of Mubad, adding an emotional layer to its resonance.

In a candid interview with Unpack With Me about a week ago, Chike opened up about his personal life, shedding light on his dating preferences. The singer disclosed that he has a penchant for older women, citing a sense of equality and a shared playing field as his reasons for gravitating towards more mature relationships.

Notably, Chike expressed his reservations about the common practice of showering partners with monetary gifts. In a departure from conventional norms, he voiced skepticism about the idea of consistently providing financial support in relationships. Chike firmly rejected the notion of paying for companionship, emphasizing the importance of a genuine, unforced connection between individuals. For him, a natural and neutral bond takes precedence over the transactional aspect of paying for someone’s company.

As Chike enjoys the holiday season with his opulent new acquisition, fans eagerly anticipate more musical offerings from the Afrobeat maestro. The singer’s eventful recent weeks showcase not only his artistic prowess but also his candid reflections on relationships and the dynamics that shape his personal life.


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