BREAKING NEWS: Pathologist Unable to Determine Cause of Mohbad’s Death Due to Decomposition

BREAKING NEWS: Pathologist Unable to Determine Cause of Mohbad's Death

In a recent update on the autopsy results of Mohbad, the pathologist revealed startling information during the coroner court proceedings. Unfortunately, due to the advanced state of decomposition of Mohbad’s body at the time of the autopsy, the exact cause of his death could not be determined.

The pathologist explained that if Mohbad’s body had been taken to the mortuary immediately after his passing, a more accurate assessment could have been made. However, since his burial took place over a week after his death, decomposition had already begun, making it challenging to ascertain the cause of death during the autopsy.

Addressing rumors surrounding Mohbad’s burial, the pathologist clarified that any fresh blood observed on his coffin was likely a result of a mixture of rain and soil during the exhumation process, rather than evidence of foul play.

Furthermore, the pathologist affirmed that Mohbad was not buried alive and had indeed passed away before burial. Contrary to speculation, there was no evidence of strangulation or poisoning found during the examination of Mohbad’s body parts.

The death of Mohbad, a talented singer, occurred on September 12, 2023, when he was found unconscious in a video, lying on his friend’s car. Despite widespread speculation and accusations, including suspicions surrounding his record label manager, Naira Marley, and his wife, Wunmi, as well as his close friend, Prime Boy, the police have not charged anyone with his death.

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