Bobrisky mocks Nigerians complaining about hike in cost of living

Bobrisky mocks Nigerians complaining about hike in cost of living

Popular cross-dresser Bobrisky is among the almost non-existent one-percent of Nigerians who aren’t complaining about the hike in prices for food items, and basically any amenity at all. He took to Instagram to drag Nigerians by their hair by making a post and basically calling them out for not working hard enough, hence the toll the economy is taking on them.

Bobrisky stated that even if the dollar rate goes up to three-thousand Naira, he would still live a lavish lifestyle regardless. He also reminded Nigerians that when he was busy working hard, as in cross-dressing and influencing, they were mocking him and calling him names. On the same note, he asked netizens not to hide under the umbrella of Tinubu’s regime and complain about hardships because it wasn’t the President that asked them not to prepare for the future.

It seems like Bobrisky is truly out to troll Nigerians because earlier on, Kemi Filani reported that Bobrisky was showing off a massive purchase of foodstuff on Instagram. This shows just how unfazed Bobrisky is by the current economic situation.

Posting foodstuff and then trolling Nigerians at a time when a lot of people are complaining shows that Bobrisky is here to get his kick back. He hasn’t had the easiest experience with Nigerians, as they have trolled him in the past due to his lifestyle choice of being a cross-dresser.


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